Hunting and Fishing

This is an exhibit all about hunting and fishing in the Ozarks. Throughout the exhibit there are stories, pictures, and sounds. The pages can be reprints, student essays, interviews, etc. Feel free to explore the site and have fun!

Hunting Pages

Hunting Stories by Floyd Burleson
Deer Hunting Stories by Troy Hall
Snipe Hunting by Melissa Sanders, Tricia Sisney, and Brett Cullen
Squirrel Hunting in the Ozarks by Larry Dablemont
Turkey Hunting by Shannon Schroder

Fishing Pages

Fishing Stories by Floyd Burleson
Fishing on Bull Shoals Lake by Steven Thompson
Fishing Interviews by Patches Easter

Wildlife Pages

Fish and Wildlife of Crooked Creek by Colley Bailey
Snakes in the Ozarks by Floyd Burleson
Arkansas Wildlife Photo Gallery