Norfork Dam Statistics


~Length of dam (feet): 2,624
~Maximum height of dam above streambed (feet): 216
~Concrete in dam (cubic yards): 1.5 mil.
~Length of spillway,gross (feet): 568
~Spillway crest gates (12), in feet: 40 x 28
~Outlet conduits (11), size in feet: 4 x 6

Elevation, feet above mean sea level

~Top of dam: 590
~Spillway crest: 552

Power Development

~Generating units installed (number): 2
~Generating units to be installed at a future date: 2
~Rated capacity, each unit (kilowatts): 35,000
~Station installed capacity (kilowatts): 70,000

Norfork Lake Statistics

Elevation, feet above mean sea level

~Top of flood-control pool: 580
~Top of conservation pool (Sept. to April): 550
~Top of conservation pool (April to Sept.): 554

Surface area of lake, acres

~Top of flood-control pool: 30,700
~Top of conservation pool : 22,000

Storage capacities, acre feet

Flood control: 732,000
~Power drawdown & dead: 1,251,000
~Lake total: 1,983,000

Shoreline lengths, miles

~Top of flood -control pool: 510
~Top of conservation pool: 380

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