Lacie Ott's Reflections On Ott Wood

I have learned through this project, that elderly people can actually be a lot of fun. I for one, was always saying how elderly people get on my nerves. I have heard people griping about how old people bother them. We always gripe about how older people drive, or even walk down the road. I never really knew how much fun, or how neat it was talking to an older person.

During my interview, I learned so many things. For one, I learned how much it cost to have a good time. It only cost fifty cents for two people to go to the movie. In Cotter back then, there was so much to do. You could go to the movie, or a dance, or other things. Today of course, you would not be able to tell that Cotter was so big back then.

I also learned how one survived back then. In order to live or survive, a person had to do everything for himself. You had to hunt your own food, and you had to grow your own food as well. You had to work all the time in order to make the little money that you did. You also had to start working at a young age, and then work for the rest of your life.

The final thing that I learned from this interview, was how valuable life was. I was told all different kinds of stories, stories that would make you laugh, and stories that would make you cry. Things back then are so different from the things today. If I had to have lived back then, I probably would not have made it. We just don't know how easy we have it now, compared to the way they had it back then.

In conclusion, I learned a lot about the past. I learned some neat things, and some so not neat things. I really learned how valuable life really is. I learned how hard one had to work in order to make it. I really enjoyed doing this interview. I never thought that an older person could teach me so much in a relatively short period of time.

Interview and writings by Lacie Ott
Put on web by Wade McBee