Descriptive Essay of Ott Wood

Descriptive Essay

On February 16, 1999, at 3:30 pm, I left the school to interview Ott Wood. I took with me the camera, tape recorder, microphones, tripods, and my tape. I pulled out of the school onto Highway178. I then came to the intersection of 412/62. I drove on Highway 412/62 heading towards Yellville. About a mile out of Flippin, I topped the hill by the old King Ready Mix and got ready to turn right across from the Jehovah's Witness church. I turned right onto a dirt road. The sub division is called Oakwood Manor. After driving down that road for a quarter of a mile, I turned left into his driveway. In his driveway sat Mrs. Melton's white car. Under the carport sat Mr. Wood's 1990 red Ford Ranger S-10 pick up truck.

The outside of the house is brown, with rock half way up it. It has a carport and a front porch. The grass is short and it was still pretty dead because it was winter. It was very cold the day that I went to interview. The carport has a door that leads to the house, and the front porch does also. As I walked into the house I just about fell over because it was so hot in the house. When you walk into the front door, to your left are two recliners. The one recliner that Mr. Wood sat in was all cracked because it was very worn. If you took five or six steps forward and then looked to your right, you would find a hallway that leads to the bathroom, and the bedrooms. If you were to walk from that same point about ten steps you would enter the kitchen. I did not go down the hallway or into the kitchen. I stayed in the living room.

In the living room are two recliners that I mentioned earlier. There is also a couch and a love seat. The living room was square shaped. Straight in front of the recliners sat the television. The T.V. was a floor model television. On the walls are family pictures, and pictures of his wife, Linnie. Ott Wood is kind of tall, about 6 ft. 1 in., he is also pretty skinny. He wears glasses, and he is always wearing khaki outfits. He had a very loud laugh, and his voice was very deep. He seemed to be excited to do the interview. I figured that he would not be very excited, but he was. He was very impressed by all of the equipment that I brought with me to use. I had to explain to him what each thing was and how each thing worked. I explained to him what and why I was interviewing him for. He was very interested.

I was dressed very casual. I had on a blue shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of boots. We sat in the living room to do the interview. We sat in the two recliners that I described earlier, and I sat up all of my equipment and we then began the interview.

Interview and writings by Lacie Ott
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