Leon Shipman Pictures

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Leon Shipman

Leon Shipman as a Boy

Leon Shipman Standing in Front of an Old Bus

Freck School Picture in 1905

Freck School Picture in1911

Leon and Doretha
Shortly After their Wedding

Middle Row -- Nora Shipman, Loy Shipman
Back Row -- Zell Shipman, Mary Sue, Vance, Dewhite, Billy Joe, Rose Nell, Kenneth, Leon

Leon Shipman sitting at a
table that he built when he was a kid

Davis Family
Front left to right -- Wesley Shipman, Lucas Gunn, Doretha, Devin Cooper, Leon Shipman, Nora Gunn, Adam Kitteral, Abby Stoops, Louie Stoops, Buck Stoops, Julie Stoops
Row Two left to right -- Michael Shipman, Vickie Cooper, Becky Coffee, Adilia Kitteral, Shelly Shipman, Zach Cooper, Debbie Shipman, Lacy Shipman, Sarah Gunn, Treva Stoops, Chris Gunn, Wilard Stoops
Back Row left to right -- Paul Cooper, Andrea Shipman, Junior Shipman, Gwennann

Leon's Mother's Family