Brad Goeke's Reflections of Jewell Tilley

The South Shore Project is a project that has opened up new doors for me. By doing this project, I have learned more about the area than I thought I was familiar with. I have learned all the information from a very soft hearted man. A man who has been put through rough times in the past, but still managed to stay alive. A man that was eager to share the hard times, as well as good times with me. A man by the name Jewell Tilley shared all the information with me that I needed and more for this project.

Jewell shared with me many stories that taught a lot about history. These things also taught me about the way things, like the town of Flippin, has changed over the period of time. Not only did the town of Flippin change, but the surrounding towns changed also. Dirt roads and cow pastures have been replaced by paved roads and buildings. A lot has changed in the last 80 years.

Jewell shared, with me, stories about hunting, fishing, natural disasters, times of war, the depression years, changes within the area, and family life. Jewell, who is 84 years old, put the energy of a teenager into every story that he shared with me. Jewell lives by himself, which leads me to believe that he was just glad that someone had come to talk to him. There were too many stories for Jewell to share because he has lived life to its fullest. Even though Jewel is 84 years old, he still tries to get out and live more interesting stories.

Jewell's house was a little white house down in Rea Valley, in Flippin. Jewell owns 40 acres of land that surrounds his house. He is not retired, so he lives by other means of income like selling cattle. Inside Jewell's house is a wall of turkey beards, deer horns, and pictures of family. In my opinion, Jewell's house matches his personality perfectly. Jewell can be spotted easily because he is always wearing overalls and work boots. It is like a uniform to Jewell. He is a taller man with gray hair. But don't let the gray hair fool you, Jewell doesn't show his age. He is an 84 year-old man that doesn't look a day more than 60. I am very appreciative that Jewell shared with me the stories that he did.

Interview and Writings by Brad Goeke
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