Introduction to Jewell Tilley

On February 10, 1999, around 7:30 p.m., I interviewed Jewell Tilley. Jewell Tilley lives in Rea Valley, in Flippin, AR. I had two friends with me at the time I did the interview. One was Travis Tipton and the other was Dylan Johnston. We all sat down and listened to Jewell. We had a few laughs together and learned a lot about the area we have all three lived in our whole lives. I had only a tape recorder and a tape during the interview. Jewell Tilley was born in Flippin, AR in 1915. Jewell is 84 years old, and has lived in Flippin his whole life. Jewell lives in a two-bedroom house. During the interview, Jewell was dressed in a purple shirt and overalls with a pair of work boots on. Anytime that you see Jewell he will be wearing the same outfit. Jewell is 84 but does not look a day more than 60. He is not wrinkled up. He walks with a limp, but it is caused by a bad hip. Jewell was sitting in a reclining chair covered in a flower-patterned sheet. There was a wood stove centered in the living room. There were two couches and two recliners in the living room. The room smelled strong of a wood stove. Turkey beards and deer horns were hanging on the walls.

Jewell's house is surrounded by 40 acres of his own beautiful land. Also, outside his house were hunting dogs and a few cows. Jewell does not have a wife at present so he lives in this two-room house by himself. Jewell averages three or four visitors a day. He is very sociable. I had to wait for his company to leave in order to do the interview.

Jewell was very glad that I came to do an interview on him. He was very willing to give me information about the history of the area that I have lived in my whole life. Jewell has a twinkle in his eye, a smile on his face, you can just tell that he is "full of it."

Interview and writings by Brad Goeke
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