Hanna Friend's Analysis of James Hursts

The interview with Mr. James Hurst was very educational. I learned many things about his personality. I was able to deduct three aspects about him through his actions, words, and body language. I learned that Mr. Hurst is a hard worker and an unselfish man. I also learned that he takes pleasure in simple activities.

Mr. Hurst is a very hard worker. Even as a young child he "pulled his own weight." During the interview I asked him about the work he did as a child. He recalled "pullin' corn, cotton... picking cotton, gatherin' corn...." Later, during in his adult life he also worked hard on the Norfork Dam, the Bull Shoals Dam, and the Table Rock Dam.

Mr. Hurst has had to sacrifice many times during his life. The sacrifice that he made as a child stands out most in my mind. Mr. Hurst quit school after completing the sixth grade. When I asked why he did that he simply responded, "I had too much to do. I had to help... I had to start help making a living. That's back whenever it was hard times." His response impressed me because not only did he make such a sacrifice, but he also did it willingly without objection.

Mr. Hurst takes pleasure in simple activities. During the interview, he recalled a fun activity he and his classmates did. They built a skating rink by pumping water into a low lying area by the school house and letting it freeze. He said that they all "had a good time playing that way." Although he and his friends spent no money for the entertainment, they had a lot of fun.

I am thankful to have had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Hurst. I know that he is an unselfish man, a hard worker, and he takes pleasure in simple activities. All of these qualities make him a good person worthy of admiration. I have had the opportunity to learn lessons from him. The qualities I have seen in him are the qualities I hope to someday posses.

Interview and writings by Hanna Friend
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