Buffalo River Caves

The Hurricane River Cave

This cave once had Indians living in the cave's entrance. We know this because of the artifacts they left. The most interesting part of the cave is a large room with many stalactites, stalagmites, and flow stone. The cave was given its name because of a violent windstorm which toppled large oak trees near the cave about 1895. It lies near U.S. 65 west of Pindall.

Diamond Cave

This is the longest tour of any of the caves in this exhibit and is very strenuous. One part of the cave is only 3 ft. high! It has many cave formations, such as soda-straw stalactites that are still growing from the ceiling. It is located 4 miles southwest of Jasper.

Dogpatch Cave

This cave is on Highway 7 at the Dogpatch USA theme park. It's the shortest and easiest tour in this exhibit. A part of the cave is a fault cavern, which was opened after the hill split open ages ago. The cave's developers found a new section of cave in 1967.

Ozark Mystery Cave

Ozark Mystery Cave is 4 miles southeast of Harriet in Searcy County. It's the most isolated from the main highways. At the entrance of the cave from the hilltop, you will see a view of the Big Creek Valley.

Shawnee Cave

This cave has been rumored to be the home of an Indian chief. The owners of the cave found artifacts when enlarging the entrance. These artifacts date back to several thousand years ago. A log cabin museum displays the artifacts. In the cave is a large stalagmite that is branched like a tree. Because of this, it is named the Jungle Tree.

Information found in the book The Buffalo River Country by Kenneth L. Smith