Patches Easter's Reflections of Bernice Johnson

So many things can give us clues as to who a person is and how they react. It may be his or her behavior or just the little things that he or she says. All in all, a person's character can be guessed by reading or interpreting such things. Reading a person's character can often be helpful. It can help us know what to say and how to act around a certain person.

During my interview with Bernice Johnson I picked up that she has a very strong sense of family. I could tell that she did due to the many pictures that she showed me. She had "tons" of pictures hanging on her walls and spread throughout her home. She described each one and laughed many times through her descriptions. Bernice also talked fondly of her older brother. So, I came to the conclusion that she values her family very highly.

I also picked up that Bernice had enjoyed visits to Crooked Creek and the creek behind her home. She had gone to them in her youth. When she spoke of the two creeks, her voice got high pitched and excited. She laughed a lot as well. Therefore, you could tell quite easily that Bernice has some fond memories of the two creeks.

One more thing that I picked up about Bernice is that teaching school was very important to her. Both of her parents were teachers. I believe that their teaching had the biggest impact on her becoming a teacher. She taught second grade here in Flippin for twenty-seven years. Throughout the interview, she talked much about the school, showing just how important it was to her to teach and be involved with the school.

These are only a few of the things that gave me clues to Bernice's character. Some things about her came naturally to the surface and others were hard to figure. Her strong sense of family was probably the easiest to read. It just shined through. Overall, I came to the conclusion that Bernice is a moral, valuing, caring, loving, and charitable person.

Interview and writings by Chesarae Wegener
Put on web by Wade McBee