Snipe Hunting

By Melissa Sanders, Tricia Sisney, and Brett Cullen

Have you ever gone snipe hunting? Would you like to witness a snipe hunter going on his or her first adventure? Your first time to hunt snipes is a memorable experience. Snipe hunting is something that happens mostly in the Ozarks. Many places other than the Ozarks have never heard the legend of snipe hunting. The whole objective is to get a person who has no idea what snipe hunting is and leave them out in a field looking for snipes that they will not ever see. Snipe hunting is one of the best jokes you can pull on people that are new to the area or just don't have a clue.

In order to go snipe hunting, you must take a person who does not know much about snipe hunting. For those of you who have gone snipe hunting, you are the ones who will have to give instructions to the beginners. Do you know what to tell them? You will need to know what supplies to take with you. You will need a heavy-duty sack, a chair to sit in, some type of stick or maybe a baseball bat, and lots of patience. Now you need to know how to find the snipes and what to do when you do find them.

First, you must look for snipe trails in an open field. Sometimes you won't find any because they are tricky. But if you do, go ahead and follow it! When you get somewhere you think snipes might be, sit your chair down and have a seat. You may be waiting awhile, and you need to know what you are looking for anyway


Snipes are very tall birds with long legs. They are very ugly and are a little bit scary. They make little noises, but are kind of hard to hear. They can run very fast and they will bite you. This is why you need to make sure that when you see a snipe, you throw the sack over its head. Just a split second after throwing the sack over its head, you have to knock the snipe over the head. Make sure you do this fast, because you might get bitten if you don't. Once you have hit the snipe, make sure it is knocked out cold. Then you can drag your kill home.

All of the convincing material above is what you pranksters tell your victims before they head for the fields. So whenever you want to have some fun the Ozark way, just grab someone who is not quite aware and go snipe hunting!!

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