Jan Clark

Jan Clark was born in Nebraska City, Nebraska in 1914, but has come to realize an ample amount about the Ozark area. Although she does not like this area, she has learned much about it through her husband's interests. Her husband, Hubert Clark, had family who lived in Omaha. They would often come visit them over the years. Hubert loved the area so much he decided to move Jan and himself down there.

Jan had a very close relationship with her family. Her parents, John and Muriel Dunn, made a living as musicians. Jan had one sister named Betty who was seven years younger than she. They had always gotten along. Some things Jan and her sister did for fun when they were kids include dancing and playing basketball and baseball. They also played hooky from school every once in awhile. Jan especially loved to dance. She tap danced and was in ballet. She also enjoyed everything about school. She did not go to college because her parents could not afford it. Also since Jan was not very ambitious, she did not see much importance or have an interest in college.

After Jan had graduated from high school in Nebraska City, she met her husband. They got married in Iowa in 1936. They had gone and lived in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Missouri before they moved down to Amos, Arkansas. Amos is presently known as Lakeview.

Jan and Hubert settled down in a wonderful house that was about ten miles away from where the Bull Shoals Dam is now. They had two daughters who went to the Amos school. This school does not exist anymore, because when Mountain Home became more populated they built a bigger school for more children to go to. The Amos school was only a one-room school as it was. Jan, Hubert, and their kids moved to Tulsa in 1941, but came back to Amos in 1945.

Hubert was assigned to help build the Bull Shoals Dam in 1946. He was mainly a carpenter, but was very versatile when doing construction work. It took many years of planning and building, but the dam was finally completed in 1952. Before the dam had been built, people had to use a ferry to get across the water. After Hubert had finished with the dam, their family moved to South Dakota. They came back once more to stay for good in Amos in 1969.

By 1969, the Ozark area had changed tremendously. Tourism had increased and more people had become involved in fishing. Ranger Boats grew tremendously as time went on. Even after it caught fire, they rebuilt it. This greatly changed and helped the community. By 1969, almost everyone had electricity. One of the most admired inventions after electricity, that almost brought a tear to Jan's eye, was television. She does not know how anyone could have lived without one.

Many events have changed the Ozark area forever. The Bull Shoals Dam has had a great influence on transportation, tourism, and providing more people with electricity. As in days past, the area is still growing and changing. Jan has grown to like the area even though she was not used to it being rural. She has learned to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to make the most of the wonderful attractions. She still lives in the same town that she did many years ago and continues to carry with her the many memories of change.