The top photograph was taken in 1934 of the Pace Ferry at a landing on the White River upstream from Cotter. The boy at left is Joe Pace, Jewell King (holding child), Warren Pace at right (Operator of ferry). Thomas Pace and his two sons bought the ferry in 1918 and operated it about twenty seven years. The make and model of the car on the ferry is unknown to me.

Middle picture is of the Cotter Ferry in about 1927. It was located about half a mile below the Cotter Bridge. John Linck is on the right, Elie Roundsong at left. It is thought the car was about a 1925 Buick. These two pictures are furnished by Ned Phillips.

Reprinted with permission from Treasured Memories of a Beautiful Place in the North Arkansas Ozark Hills by Floyd Burleson, copyright 1989.