Deer Hunting Stories

By Troy Hall

The Big Ten

Roy Hall was hunting one of his favorite crossings about the last day of season in 1971. Back then they hunted with dogs. The deer would go through the same place a lot of the time. There had been a deer jumped and he had been watching crossings all day long. But at about ten his luck changed; his pack of walker hounds brought the deer into his stand. He said he saw the deer coming and it had a hell-of-a rack. He raised his open sighted .243 and shot the deer fell never to rise again. The area of the kill was real hard to get to; you could only drive within a half mile of it. Since no pack animals were around it had to be carried out by hand. His dad and his brother helped carry the deer through several cedar glades and briar patches before finally reaching the truck. When they got home Roy was tickled about his deer, especially the fact that it was a ten point with a twenty inch spread.

Lowell's Eleven Point

In 1987 on the second day of the season at 11:00 a.m., Lowell Hall shot an eleven point buck near a logging road in Marin County using a custom built .25-06 loaded with hand loaded Hornad 87 grain boat tail hollow points.

He had been walking around to all his favorite hunting spots and had seen only doe and yearlings. After awhile he found a good spot and sat down.

After about an hour he heard a deer walking through the woods. Then he saw it. It was walking uphill and away from him at about 125 yards away, so he took a shot. The deer fell but got right back up and began to run toward him. He quickly reloaded his gun and shot again. This time the deer fell, never to get up again.

When he saw the deer he knew it was a good one, but didn't know how good until he found it after he had shot it. After looking it over good, he gutted and hung it in a tree so it wouldn't be messed with. He then had to deal with the problem of getting it out of the woods.

He didn't have anything to get the deer out with, so he borrowed a mule from Terry Hurst. It was after dark before he got to the ranger station to check the deer.

Deer Pictures