Bull Shoals Dam


Length in feet:     2,256
The maximum height above the stream bed in feet:     256
The amount of concrete in cubic yards:     2.1 million
The length of the spillway in feet:     808
The size of the 17 spillway gates in feet:     40x29
The size of the outlet conduits in feet:     4x9
The elevation in feet above the mean sea level
      Top of dam:    708
      Spillway crest:    667


Elevation in feet above mean sea level
      Top of the flood control pool:    695
      Top of the conservation pool:    654
The surface area of the lake in acres
      At top of flood control pool:    71,240
      At the top of the conservation pool:    45,440
The storage capacities in acre feet
      Flood control:    2.36 million
      The power drawdown and dean:    3.4 million
Lake total:     5.76 million
The shoreline lengths in miles
      At the top of the flood control pool:    1,050
      At top of conservation pool:    740
Reservoir length in miles:    87
Boundary lines in miles:   867(100+ not marked)


Drainage area:       6,036 square miles
Project acreage:       106,928
Acreage above conservation pool:       60,382

Power Development

The number of generating units:       8
Rated capacity for each unit in kilowatts
      Four units at:    45,000
      Four units at:    50,000
The total installed capacity in kilowatts:     380,000
Megawatt hour that have been generated
      1998:     784,139
      Maximum year 1985:      1,536,190


Corps:     12
State:     1
Municipality:     4
Marina:     1

Visitation in 1998

Visitor Hours:     27,083,264
Visits:     5,717,345

Fees in 1998

Total:     $403,184
Camping:     $320,953
Day use:     $77,155
Annual passes:     $45,924 (2,462 passes)


Shoreline:     668
Boat dock
      Private:    236
      Community:    194
      Marinas:    11
      Resorts:    51

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