The Pyatt Train Wreck

This photo and the following two photos are of a train wreck on the curve just as it entered Pyatt from the west. No one I talked to seemed to be sure of the date but some thought it happened about 1918. One car was loaded with flour and you can see them carrying the sacks of flour and stacking them on the bank. Among other things there was a carload of salt cured hog meat. Some of the people around Pyatt got some of the flour and meat for their own use. There was a very poor family that lived in the east part of Pyatt. One of their small boys had a side of bacon that was just about all he could carry. As he headed home he told someone he met that this train wreck happened at the right place and the right time.

Reprinted with permission from Treasured Memories of a Beautiful Place in the North Arkansas Hills by Floyd Burleson, Copyright 1989.