Amanda Flemming's Reflections of Lilly

Lilly Hurst's life seemed simple, yet, it didn't lack anything. She was a very hard worker, a devoted wife, and believed that simple things were sometimes the best things. Lilly said that her fIrst love was her husband, James Hurst. She worked with her family picking cotton. Plus, she, along with her husband, took her mother fishing almost every day during the summer.

When I asked Lilly who her first love was, it did not take her much thought to answer. She replied, "I guess it was Jay C. Hurst, my husband." They dated for approximately a year, but they knew each other for many years. Today, they are still married and happy. By this, I came to the conclusion that Lilly is a devoted and loving wife.

Lilly was also a very hard worker. Even as a young child, Lilly worked with her parents in the fIelds. She worked picking cotton. Lilly only earned a nickel an hour. However, she doesn't look back on those times as "awful." While informing me on how much she earned and what she did, she was very lighthearted.

Lilly took her mother fishing almost every day after she married Jay. Looking back at her life, that is what she remembers. She told me about her mother being able to catch fIsh when she couldn't. She remembers the special, simple things.

In conclusion, Lilly lived a life filled with love, a love that continues even today. She worked hard growing up, however, she doesn't consider that a bad period of time. She remembers the simple and special memories because the simple things are sometimes best. Her life has been, and still is, rich with what is important.

Interview and writings by Amanda Flemming
Put on web by Wade McBee