Duren Valley School

By Floyd Burleson

Duren Valley School, first called Dry Hill School, was a one room school house built on a mound where the water always ran off very quickly. The soil was sandy and after a rain it never was muddy around the schoolhouse. Mervin Wolfe said this was why it was called Dry Hill. It was located about half a mile north of Greasy Greek and about half a mile west of the old Will Keeter place. The school was moved to the south side of the creek just east of where the road crosses the creek and on the south side of the road and was renamed Duren Valley after Mr. Duren, who gave the land to build it on. Also at this time the White School (located south of Duren Valley) closed and part of this school went into Duren Valley District and the other part went into another school district. It was a very good, two room, country school. Here is a list of some of the Dry Hill and Duren Valley teachers over the years. The names are not in the order in which they taught. Clarence Brown, Addie Campbell, Nancy Estes, Wynona Willingham, Rena Roe, Lois Wolf, Faye King, Guy Berry, Dink Berry, Mr. Collard, Fred Williams, Fermon Wolf, John Adams, Gattie B. Keeter, Levie Briggs, Leonard Phillips, Eunice Gilbert, Eugene Gilbert, Addie Wolf, and John M. Strickland.

These two schoolhouses, as well as most other schoolhouses in the county, were used for church services and other community gatherings. Pie suppers were a big thing back then. A boy would buy his favorite girl's pie and usually got to walk her home. Many a romance started this way and marriage sometimes followed. I would like to say thank you to Lola Inez Wolf Miller for furnishing most of the pictures and information on Dry Hill and Duren Valley Schools.

Reprinted with permission from Treasured Memories of a Beautiful Place in the North Arkansas Ozark Hills by Floyd Burleson, copyright 1989.