Black School

By Floyd Burleson

I have no date when this school was built, only that it was built in the late 1870's. It was closed in 1924. Worth Cline and his wife, Amanda (Wood) Cline, who attended this school helped me get together a list of names of ones they remembered going to school with and some of the teachers.

They are as follows: Worth Cline, Amanda Wood, Dick Wood, Roland Williams, Helen Williams, Hester Briggs, May Briggs, Lucille Patterson, Bonnie Reed, Vida Reed, Roy Keeter, Arlie Keeter, Hazel Endsley, Mace Endsley, Clyde Freeman, Ida Freeman, Austin Smothers, Josephine Smothers, Harry Tilley, Charlie Tilley, Marie Tilley, Ula Tilley, Alice Doshier, Virgie Doshier, Earl Wood, Nin Wood, Zelma Williams, Ernie Underwood, Elva Underwood, John Williams, Cecil Briggs, Mildred Patterson, Sanford Reed, Arnold Keeter, Ralph Cline, Baxter Keeter, Fran Keeter, Fred Grey and sister, Roy Richardson, Walsa Richardson, Elsie Richardson, two McKinney girls (do not know their names), Auburn Keeter, George Keeter, and Dalia Cline. Teachers: J.W. Black, Carl Briggs, Arvil Pyle, Louise Perry, Mr. Jenkins, Bob Hall, Worth Bridge, Nola (Snipes) Brooksher, Ernest Black.

Reprinted with permission from Treasured Memories of a Beautiful Place in the North Arkansas Ozark Hills by Floyd Burleson, copyright 1989.